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Newbury's town war memorial was dedicated on 1 October 1922. The bronze panels affixed to the wall surrounding the memorial cross contain the names of 338 men and 1 woman, who lost their lives as a result of their involvement in the Great War.


The stories behind these names are being researched by a small team led by Phil Wood from the Newbury District Field Club (Newbury's local history society).


As and when the stories are available they will be published on this website; this page offers simple access to the stories. For a full list of names and more on the memorial itself see its entry here.


This page also lists here the names for whom no positive identification has yet been made.


Further names from WWII were added on a second tier of bronze panels above the original Great War panels. These names are not included here, but we would welcome any information that could be incorporated in the future.


Virtual Memorial

There is another group of men; those who should have been included - but were not. There does not appear to have been any formal process to determine what names were included, the War Memorial Committee seem to have relied upon submissions by relatives, churches, etc. This led to the addition of some men with little personal connection to Newbury and the omission of men who had no relative who was prepared to push for their inclusion.


There are also at least two instances of WW1 servicemen who committed suicide who do not appear on the memorial. It is possible that these men were deliberately excluded, though it is equally possible that their families did not seek to have them included. Either way modern sensitivities would suggest that these men were two more victims of this dreadful war and deserve to be remembered.


A virtual memorial has been created to gather the names of men who might be added to the town memorial at a later date. This includes all names in contention for addition, some will be confirmed, others will be deselected as more is discovered about them, and more may be added as their names are uncovered. If you have a relative who you think should be on the memorial, please contact us.



There are 332 stories so far:

Aldridge AJ Aldridge WJ Allaway W Allen FL
Allen G Allen WH Annetts W Ashfield AC
Austin GF Bailey R Baker GR Baker TW
Baldwin HB Ballard GH Ballard MH Bance A
Barber WH Barden GH Barden HL Barlow W
Baron BW Barrett HT Bartholomew A Bazett GK
Bazett HC Beaver AJ Beckley FR Belcher BH
Bellinger J Bellinger WC Benham LJ Bentley R
Bew B Biddis HB Binks HT Birch A
Blood AF Bloomfield C Bosley J Bosley W
Bosley WC Bowley J Bravant CE Brazier AT
Breach FG Breach HE Brindley A Brooks EW
Brooks G Brooks SJ Brown CW Brown HH
Buckell E Buckingham P Burgess NG Busby AG
Bushnell B Butler AH Buxey JA Canning AE
Chivers A Chivers W Church F Clarke FW
Coburn FG Cockell H Cooper EE Corderoy A
Cramp LA Crocker T Crocker WE Crook EJ
Crook W Crosswell A Cruse AG Curtis FE
Dangerfield E Davies E Davis AH Davis EV
Davis SJ Deacon AT Deacon EH Deacon SE
Digweed JH Doggett SN Donovan G Drewell RF
Dry G Eary FC Eaton G Edwards AG
Edwards ER Edwards G Eggleton CH Ellaway AH
Elliott W Emblen A Ferris L Ferris R
Fisher C Ford HP Fox AJ Fray HAR
Frazer WT Freeman AW Freeman HS Freemantle W
French J Frost FP Furgusson AJ Gardner D
Garrett AJ Geater AJ George AJ George RW
Giddings S Gilbert GLH Giles WE Giles WH
Goodyear A Gore A Gough JWC Greenslade RA
Gregory WG Griffin HS Grigg JA Hacker G
Hamblin P Hamblin RE Hammond F Harris C
Harris LA Harrison C Harrison G Harvey CW
Hayes JG Hayward F Hemmings F Herbert GW
Herbert H Hester PR Himmons WJ Hobbs E
Hobbs TG Hodges SG Hopkins WF Hopson JA
Howe HW Hughes C Hughes SJ Humphries O
Hunter A Hunter W Illsley A Johnson G
Johnson TW Jones FH Jones SW Jones WJ
Kemp PA King A Knight AV Lait F
Lake FJ Lake WH Lawrence F Lawrence W
Leather GA Lewis FG Liddle MRB Lipscombe FJ
Lock G Lockyear HC Lovell FW Lovelock HG
Luke WS Maccabee H Maccabee J Maccabee RJ
Maccabee TA Marshall A Marshall H Marshall TV
Mason R Mason WG Mees RH Mew A
Middleton J Minchin AJ Minchin F Mortimer F
Munday C Musselwhite A Nailor A Nash JO
Newman W Newport CA Newport F Noakes E
Oliver RFJ Owen JT Owen JW Palmer WH
Park E Parker HW Parsons A Parsons AT
Partridge F Partridge J Payne E Peachey ER
Peachey WJ Pearce DC Pearce F Pearce FEG
Pearce G Peel A Peirce WA Perkins WJ
Perrin A Perring THH Perris J Pibworth F
Piddington W Plater AW Plenty EP Pocock WH
Pounds EB Povey B Povey WR Powers FW
Preston FJ Prior A Quarterman C Quarterman P
Quintin WJ Ravenor GP Ravenor H Ravenor RB
Rivers EF Rogers HG Rolfe AG Rosier A
Rosier HG Rumble J Rushent AR Sainsbury F
Salway DJ Savage EG Sawyer F Sawyer H
Scouse C Seymour J Sharp FH Shaw H
Shefford G Shelton AM Shelton SC Shipley AJ
Shutler R Sims CH Skurray TC Slade CH
Slade SH Smallbone AR Smart C Smith AJ
Smith BW Smith CE Smith EA Smith FW
Smith GH Smith GJ Smith JH Smith R
Smith WS Somerset B Somerset FH Stamford G
Starkey V Stevens AW Stevens GF Stillman TA
Styles PR Swain A Swatton R Swinley GN
Tancock F Taylor CT Taylor RG Taylor TL
Thatcher HA Thomas AE Thorn RE Trevor-Roper C
Trevor-Roper G Tucker WA Tucker WT Tumblety D
Turner HA Vickers WE Vockins BO Waldron CJ
Walker AJ Ward WH Webb PJ West G
Westall EG Westall F Westall F Westall W
Wheeler J Wheeler RG Wherrell G Whiley WF
Whitehorn C Wickens BE Wickens GL Wickens W
Wickens WO Wigmore J Wilkes SG Willis E
Wilson J Winter HN Withers N Woodley F
Wooldridge A Wooldridge S Wootten G Wyllie AG

Stories from the Virtual Memorial

There are 7 stories so far:

Allin GH Brocks HE Fisher E Hazell EJ
Hollister FL Shafto AD Smith WS



These are the names on the war memorial that have not been attributed to any specific individual. In some cases a story has been written to detail the ongoing struggle to identify an individual - in these cases the name is a link to that story.


There are 10 headaches remaining:

Bailey R Donovan G Giles E Holmes F
King W Parsons A Pearce F Slade CH
Taylor TL Westall F


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Most recent additions & amendments:

Fisher C

Sainsbury F

Wilkes SG

Whiley WF

Ward WH

Hughes C

Pocock WH

Rolfe AG

Perkins WJ

Payne E

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