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Contact via c o n t a c t [at] n e w b u r y h i s t o r y . o r g . u k



If you are the talks organiser for a local group and would like a talk on this project or a related topic (see list below) then we can supply a speaker complete with a lavishly illustrated talk. We do charge £30 for this service (the only way we recoup any of the significant costs of the project). We will also ask for travelling expenses (from Newbury) if the venue is outside of West Berkshire.




The West Berkshire War Memorials Project

How the project came into being, how it has reached it's current position and what is planned for the future - and how you can help. Plus a look at some of West Berkshires many and varied memorials to the fallen.


Researching Your War Memorial

A quick start guide to tracking down the history of a war memorial and the names remembered upon it.


Researching WWI Servicemen

An in depth guide to tracing the servicemen of the Great War, where they came from, what they experienced and what happened to them.


Roaming the Western Front

Personal experiences following the tracks of the troops of the Great War from the Somme to the North Sea.


Remembering the Fallen

A personal view of the work of The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the War Memorials Trust and the United Kingdom Inventory of War Memorials.


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03 December 1943
J E T Munn

British Legion

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