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A large proportion of the known (to me) war memorials of West Berkshire have been photographed, transcribed and loaded on to this site.

However, there are more to do before the website completes the first stage of construction - a complete record of all known memorials.

Some difficulties have arisen, notably the apparent non-existence of memorials listed in the UK National Index of War Memorials! My current assumption is that such memorials are either duplicates of another index entry or the entry contains incorrect location details.

In many cases the memorials not yet included are in locked churches, or premises not open to the public.  These take longer to access, but will be included as soon as practicable.

Access to locked churches in particular is likely to uncover more, as yet unknown memorials.


Most of the information here has been gleaned from three websites: UKNIWM, CWGC and the Berkshire Heritage Environment Forum War Memorials Project.

Known memorials not yet on the site.

Place Memorial UKNIWM No
AldermastonFramed parchment muster roll, WW1 89 names
AldermastonMemorial(s) to 3 members of the Strange family
Beech Hill church Brass plaque, WW1 11 names
Beech Hill church Wooden plaque, WW2, 1 name
Bradfield College Stone tablet (Blunt) 55150
Bradfield College Stone tablet (Holmes) 55151
Bradfield College Stained glass window & stone tablet, Boer War 41393
Bradfield College Slate tablets, WW2 200 names 41389
Bradfield College Stone cross, WW1 279 names 41387
East Ilsley Roll of Honour, Baptist Church
Great Shefford Marble tablet - NOT FOUND, wrong location? 7782
Hamstead Marshall Stained glass window in church , WW1 6 names 55163
Hungerford Brass plaque, Primary School, WW1 7, WW2 20 names 7805
Lambourn Brass plaque in church, WW1 35, WW2 20 names
Marlston Stone tablet, WW1 16 names 55164
Marlston Brass plaque (Palmer) 55165
Marlston Stone tablet (Newman) 55166
Newbury Baptist Church, brass plaque
Newbury Memorial stone (1943 bombing)
Newbury Newtown Road Cemetery, several graves
Newbury St Nicolas Church, Boer War, plaque to G Rogers
Peasemore Wooden board in village hall (photo)
Purley Several plaques/tablets, Memorial Hall
Stratfield Mortimer Brass plaque, St Mary's Church. WW1 7779
Stratfield Mortimer Stone tablet, St Mary's Church, WW2 7780
Stratfield Mortimer CWGC Graves (1)
Sulhamstead Sulhamstead House, Police Memorial
Theale Brass plaque, Boer War (photo) 9099
Theale Wooden board, WW1 9100

Church of England

Additional churches with no known internal memorials not yet visited (or locked when visited).


Bucklebury (Cemetery Chapel)



Kintbury Christ Church (Cemetery Chapel)

Lambourn St Luke (Cemetery Chapel)


Newbury St George the Martyr

Newbury St John the Baptist



Sulhamstead Abbots

Thatcham (nonconformist)

Ufton Nervet

Upper Bucklebury





In addition the following Church of England churches have not been visted with war memorials in mind; pictures used on this site are from earlier visits when plaques/tablets to individuals etc were less likely to have been photographed:

East Ilsley





Very few nonconformist chapels/churches are listed (East Ilsley and two in Newbury) - it is likely that there will be others with similar memorials.


Roman Catholic churches may also hold memorials.


Schools, places of work, military establishments

Very few of these possible locations of memorials have been investigated.

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