WB088:   Newbury   Parish (49 names)

AllenW H22/08/1918LinkStory Grave
BaileyR30/08/1916Link Grave
BakerG23/11/1916LinkStory Grave
BallardG08/05/1915LinkStory Grave
BallardM H30/03/1917LinkStory Grave Photo
BartholomewA28/11/1918LinkStory Grave
BelcherB H01/07/1916LinkStory Grave Photo
BewB07/03/1916LinkStory Grave Photo
BowleyJ28/09/1915LinkStory Grave Photo
BrooksG23/10/1917LinkStory Grave
ChiversW02/08/1918LinkStory Grave
CrookeE J17/06/1915Link Grave
CruseA G25/06/1916LinkStory Grave
DonovanG Story
EaryF C24/03/1918Link Grave
FrayH A R26/10/1914LinkStory Grave Photo
FrostP F23/08/1918LinkStory Grave Photo
GoodyearA25/10/1918LinkStory Grave
HarrisL A14/08/1915LinkStory Grave Photo
HarrisonG20/04/1917LinkStory Grave
HopgoodF14/10/1918LinkStory Grave
KingA F09/04/1918LinkStory Grave
LewisF G28/09/1915LinkStory Grave Photo
LiddleM R B23/12/1917LinkStory Grave
LovellF WBetween 23/10/1916 and 28/10/1916LinkStory Grave
MeesR H26/11/1915LinkStory Grave
MinchinF16/01/1916LinkStory Grave
NoakesE C09/10/1917LinkStory Grave
ParkE F05/12/1917LinkStory Grave
ParsonsA Story
PerkinsW28/02/1919LinkStory Grave
PoveyB15/09/1916LinkStory Grave
PoveyW R14/02/1916LinkStory Grave
PowersF28/08/1918LinkStory Grave Photo
RavenorG B02/10/1916LinkStory Grave Photo
RosierA23/07/1916LinkStory Grave
RushentA R27/10/1917LinkStory Grave
ScouseC17/10/1917LinkStory Grave
SmithG J01/10/1918LinkStory Grave
SmithS21/11/1917Link Grave
ThatcherH A28/10/1916LinkStory Grave
Trevor-RoperC03/08/1917LinkStory Grave Photo
Trevor-RoperG20/09/1917LinkStory Grave Photo
TurnerH A25/09/1915LinkStory Grave Photo
WestallW01/07/1916LinkStory Grave
WhileyW F21/03/1918LinkStory Grave Photo

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L A Shears

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