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WB036:   Theale   Village (34 names)

AllenErnest T28/10/1918Link Grave
BarkerRichard J
BedfordGeorge05/10/1914Link Grave
BendallErnest24/07/1916Link Grave
BushellJohn B03/11/1918Link Grave
ChapmanE Albert V16/05/1916Link Grave
ColeErnest G01/07/1916Link Grave
DaviesA Reginald13/02/1917Link Grave
DaviesH Maxwell01/02/1917Link Grave
DayAlfred E30/11/1917Link Grave
EatwellJesse T11/06/1916Link Grave
FidlerFrederick O J31/05/1944Link
FlitterAlbert R23/09/1944Link
FurzeW Gilbert05/01/1945Link Grave
GauntlettHarold L18/01/1943Link
HazellArthur27/09/1917LinkStory Grave
HerbertGerald B14/02/1943Link Grave
HerbertP Wynne26/01/1942Link Grave
HerbertRichard V13/04/1941Link
KrabbePeter G27/05/1940Link Grave
MarshallHerbert T E05/06/1917LinkStory Grave
OliverWilliam C22/10/1916Link Grave
ParsonsHerbert26/10/1916Link Grave
PitmanPercival C12/10/1916Link Grave
PriceW TBetween 29/05/1940 and 02/06/1940Link Grave
SextonGerald F06/07/1940Link
SharpJohn M15/12/1941Link Grave
SmithWilliam11/08/1918Link Grave
TeggWilfred S G14/11/1917Link Grave
TigwellErnest25/08/1918Link Grave
WarwickFrederick25/09/1916Link Grave
WigginsFrederick W13/10/1940Link Grave
WyattOwen R07/06/1917LinkStory Grave
YoungsErnest H H02/03/1919Link

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08 December 1914
J Seymour

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