Cold Ash


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Location:St Mark's Church
OS Map Ref:SU511699
Description:Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour for the Second World War
During these years of war, these men and women left Cold Ash to serve in the armed forces.

[Section 1]
[Col 1]
S H Burgess
O Godfrey
J O Jones
H Ralph

[Col 2]
F Webb
E Woodgate
G Woodgate
J Woodley

Those whose names appear above did not return.

[Section 2]
[Col 1]
M Ambrose
H W Armstrong
K F Aust
E R Austin
C Baker
E R Banbury
J Banbury
V R Banbury
W J Barnes
W Batten
L W Black
A J Borlase
G T Borlase
H Bosley
S Breakspear
J H Brooks
T A Brooks
G E Brown
M C Brown
R Brown
V Brown
J S Butler
A J Burgess
D Burgess
F Burgess
G F Burgess
J M Burgess
R H Burgess
C Chamberlain
G Cheal
A Cheesborough
J Child
N Claridge
H E Collins

[Col 2]
B Cook
S G Cowper
R Cox
E Cripps
W Dance
J Davis
S L Denham
C Derrick
P Derrick
V Eggleton
S W Elliott
E J Ettridge
S J Franklin
A Gadd
R T W Glynn
G Goodchild
A S Haines
B Haines
E G Haines
J H Haines
B Hamblin
F E Harbourne
L Hawkins
D T Heath
A Hill
H Hill
J G Hutt
J Henry
F Keylock
M Lake
D Loveridge
A Lovegrove
H N MacDonnell
M MacDonnell
R Milford
[Col 3]
J E Mitchell
J New
M Nutley
E Painter
W Painter
G E H Palmer
A Passey
G Peck
G C C Pepys
E J Perry
R Perry
W Perry
W E Perry
G E Piper
G Pocock
N W Pocock
W D Powell
M Preston
S Preston
R Ratcliff
A Raymond
C Raymond
E L Raymond
W A Raymond
W L Read
H Robbins
V Rogers
V E Rose
C V Rosier
D F Richardson
E W Richardson
S Richardson
W H G Salmon
I R Sargent
P M Sargent
I J Sellwood
J Sellwood
W J Sellwood
V Shepherd
F R Smith
K P Smith
R M Smith
A Stacey
E C Stacey
K J Stacey
R G Stacey
S C Stacey
J D Stroud
C Styles
W J S Swanborough
H Thornhill
C Tilling
E A Tucker
F L Vockins
W Waldron
R Wallin
W S Wasey
D Watts
L J Watts
W A Watts
D A Welch
F W Wheeler
G H Wickings
V Williams
M Willis
C Wise
G Wise
H W J Woodley
M W Woodley
P Woodley
T Wright

E A Camp Scripsit - May 1948

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