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Location:St James the Greater Churchyard
OS Map Ref:SU346772
Description:Etched window

In celebration of the lives of Edward Thomas, poet, and Helen his wife.

The glory invites me yet it leaves me scorning
All I can ever do all I can be

But the moment unveiled something unwilling to die
And I had what most I desired

There I find my rest and through the dusk air
Flies what yet lives in me. Beauty is there

Or must I be content with discontent
As larks and swallows are perhaps with wings

I should use as the trees and birds did
A fairy age not to be betrayed

This is my grief. That land,
My home, I have never seen;
No traveller tells of it,
However far he has been.

in out end

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08 December 1914
J Seymour

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