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Location:Hampstead Norreys Primary School
OS Map Ref:SU527762
Description:Painted wooden panel
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In grateful remembrance of members of this school, who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918.

Charles Allen
Ernest Barlow
Arthur Giles
George Greenough
Stephen Jeffery
Daniel Lawrence
George Lawrence
Denis May
Percy Morton
Thomas Newton
George Stevens
Ernest Welch

They died that Honour, Justice and Freedom might live.

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Hampstead Norris School War Memorial – Dedication Service, 16 Jan 1921.

Newbury Weekly News, 29 Jul 1920

Hampstead Norris

School War Memorial

An oak tablet to the memory of old boys of Hampstead Norris School, who gave their lives in the Great War, was unveiled at the school by Major R W Cooper, OBE, MC. The tablet was provided out of funds left over from the peace celebrations last year, and was supplied by Mr J S Barlow, of Hampstead Norris. A short and simple, but impressive ceremony marked the occasion, which those who were present, especially the scholars, will never forget. A large number of people assembled, mostly parents and other relatives of thise whose names were on the memorial. The ceremony opened with the hymn, “Angel voices ever singing,” and then followed appropriate prayers and a reading from the Bible (Rev vii, 9-17) by the Vicar, Rev H G Cooper, Major Cooper next addressed the gathering. He said he considered it an honour to have been asked to unveil this memorial. These brave men had given their lives that they might live. No one, unless he had actually been through it, could realise what the men at the Front had had to endure, yet they had gone cheerfully through it, simply because they knew it had to be done to protect their womenfolk and children. That tablet would always remind them of the heroism of the men, who, as boys, attended their school and he believed, if ever the boys present should be called upon to fight, as these men had been, whic God forbid, they would be as ready to do their duty. Major Cooper then unveiled the Memorial, disclosing a handsome tablet of varnished oak, with gilt lettering, draped round with the Union Jack and other flags. He read the inscription, which is as follows:

“In grateful remembrance of members of this school, who gave their lives in the Great War, 191401918.” Then follow the names: Charles Allen, Ernest Barlow, Arthur Giles, George Greenough, Stephen Jeffery, Daniel Lawrence, George Lawrence, Denis May, Percy Morton, Thomas Newton, George Stevens, Ernest Welch.” “They died that Honour, Justice and Freedom might live.”

Immediately after the unveiling, everyone present stood with bowed head while the dead march in “Saul” was played by Mrs Pennington, a very touching part of the ceremony. The followed the hymn, “The Saints of God,” well rendered by the children and the others present. The Vicar in a very appropriate speech, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Major Cooper, and Mr G G Evans seconded. Mr Pennington also spoke, thanking Major Cooper, Mr Evans, and all the parents and friends assembled for their presence that day. Major Cooper suitably replied, and the ceremony closed with a prayer and the hymn, “O God, our Help in ages past,” which was heartily sung

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Arthur J Beaver

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