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Location:St Andrew's Church
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Description:Framed roll of honour

Pro Patria
List of those serving with his Majesty’s forces from Bradfield, Berkshire.
Frederick Bendall Torpedo Boat Service
Frederick Brown HMS Espiegle
William Brown HMS Centurion
Leonard Brown HMS Hercules
John Paramore Charley Lieut, HMS Tiger
Alfred Dance HMS Unity
Charles Dibley HMS M19
Maurice William Wallis Epstein Mid, HMS Hibernia
William Ford HMS Iron Duke
Stanley Wharton Gray Lieut, RN
Arthur Victor Harris HMS Stag
Clarence Herbert George Harwood HMS Zealandia
Charles A Henderson Harwood HMS Queen Mary
Lewis Kent HMS Midge
Reginald Victor Millson HMS Superb
Robert Wallace Seymour HMS Skipjack
Frank Tigwell HMS Black Prince
Frank Turner HMS Lowestoft
Frank Tyler HMS Greenwich
Arthur Lewendon HMS Bristol
Ernest Pottinger HMS Seymour
+ Killed in action
Charles A Henderson Harwood Jutland, May 31st 1916. HMS Queen Mary
Frank Tigwell Jutland, May 31st 1916. HMS Black Prince

+Gave their lives for their country.
Ernest Braybrooke R Berks Regt, Dec 13th 1916
Edward Ernest Bushell Labour Corps, Nov 22nd 1918
Charles Hunt Royal Army Medical Corps, Nov 2nd 1916
Frank Cox 4 R Berks Regt, Nov 1oth 1918
George Cripps Royal Army Service Corps, July 1 1919
Archie Hurst 6 Royal Berks Regt, Aug 12th 1917
William Edward Millson 8 Royal Berks, Prisoner of War, May 29th 1918
William Arthur Phillips 11th Corps Cyclist Batt, May 23rd, Killed accidently
Valentine Rowe Sgt, Telegraph Signal Corps, S Africa, Oct 12th 1918
Albert Victor Titchenor Gunner, RGA, Sept 17th 1918
Reuben Western L Cpl, Military Foot Police, Oct 28th 1918
John Nickless Royal Air Force, Feb 11th 1919
Henry Joseph Strange L Cpl, 9th Batt Worcestershire Regy, Oct 3rd 1918
Percy Rumble Royal Berks Regt, Dec 12th 1919
Robert C R Scudamore Clerk, ASC, March 26th 1920

Ernest Adams Royal Berks Regt
Thomas Allen Army S Corps
George Allsbury Royal Berks Regt
James Albert Allsbury Royal Berks Regt
Thomas William Allsbury Royal Berks Regt
William Bendall
William Bidmead A S Corps
Dick A G Brunsden Royal Berks Regt
Harry Butler RAMC
James Butler Scots Fusiliers
Alexander E Cooke Royal Berks Regt
James Clarke Royal Berks Regt
William George Clarke Royal Berks Regt
James Cox National Reserve
Leonard Cox Berks Yeomanry
Horace Cox Sportsman Battalion
W E Cox 2nd Welsh Artillery
Frank Stewart Cox Royal Berks Regt
Rupert Cox Royal Berks Regt
William Ernest Cox Royal Berks Regt
Charles Dore 2nd Batt, Oxford & Bucks Infantry
Arthur Cripps 2/1st C of London, RF
George Dibley Veteran’s Corps
Frederick Geo Dilling 1st Royal Berks Regt
John Ellis Devon Regiment
Frederick Froude RMLI, HMS Birmingham
George Fuller 7th Batt R Berks Regt
Frank Fuller Lcp, RMLI
William Foulke R Berks Regt
Edward Thomas Foulke Mec Trans
Arthur Ford Sergeant, ASC
Donald Fairlie Branston Gray Capt, Canadian Contingent
A C Branston Gray Lieut, 88th Vict Fusiliers, BC
P H Heath Gray 2nd Lieut, 9th Batt, R Berks
Bertram A M Gray Lieut, Malay States Volunteers
William James Garrett G Guards
A J Green 5th Batt R Berks Regt
Ernest Green Lcp, AS Corps
John Griffin R Berks Regt
Edward Grist AS Corps
Walter Hamblin AS Corps
Leonard Harris R Berks Regt
Edward Harwood AS Corps
George Mark Hawksworth Sportsmans Batt
Frank Henwood R Berks Yeomanry
Francis William Richard Hurt RE(T)
Arthur Hurst R Berks Regt
William Jacobs Lcp, ASC
Albert Jacobs 2nd Kings Rifles
Owen H Keeling Lieut, 1st E Anglian Field Coy, RE(T)
Horace Walter Knight Army SC
Amos Knight R Berks Regt
Edward Johnson R Berks Regt
William King (T) R Berks Regt
Leonard Kirby ASC, Mec Trans R
Frederick Lewendin East Surrey Rgt
Harold Minchin AS Corps
Albert E Moring Qr Sgt, R Berks Regt
Thomas Moring Sgt, 2nd Canadian Con
Harry Morland E Surrey Rgt
George Morland Railway Service
Edward John Morland ASC

John Radford Norcop Lieut, Staffs Yeo
Albert Nicholls Oxford & Berks LI
Charles Paice RE
William Payne R Berks Regt
Stanley Patey SR , R Berks Regt
Percey Pitherall RMLI
William Pitherall R Berks Regt
Horace James Pocock R Berks Regt
James Poole RMLI
Herbert Povey R Berks Regt
William Povey R Berks Regt
Percy Rumble R Berks Regt
Sidney Regler R Fusliers
Christopher Regler Lcp, R Fusiliers
Arthur Rosier 3rd Dragoon Guards
Robert C R Scudamore Clerk, ASC
A A V Scudamore Lieut, 10th Yorks Regt, Princess of Wales Own
G P V Scudamore Lieut, KOR Lancs
Robert Percival Shea Capt, 5th(TF) Leicestershires
Stephen Shea Capt, Q Vic Rifles (TF)
William Small R Berks Regt
John Albert Small R Berks Regt
William George Stanbrook Cpl, 1st L Sanitary Coy, RAMC
Henry Stevens Lieut, RAMC
Thomas Stevens Lieut, RGA
John Longmore Stevens 2nd Lieut, Duke of C LI
William Tinney Stevens 2nd Lieut, 6th Batt Leicester Rgt
Horace Seymour R Berks Regt
Gerald George Tichener R Berks Regt
Albert Victor Tichener R Berks Regt
William A C Tichener R Berks Regt
Hugh John Stanley Vaughan Red X Automobile
Reuben Western 3rd Batt, R Berks Rgt
Albert Wheal S Wales Borderers
Percy William Wicks 9th Batt, R Berks Regt
Steven Wickens Lcp, R Berks Regt
Harry Wigmore Sgt, Hants Regt (T)
Walter Wigmore ASC
Thomas Wigmore ASC
William Herbert Watney Lieut, 2nd Batt Rifle Bgde
Martyn Herbert Watney Lieut, RAMC
Harold Williams R Berks Regt
William Thomas Wooldridge R Berks Regt
George Young R Berks Regt
Harry Cork Royal Engineers
Thomas Frape MT ASC
C Williams MT
Ernest Mugford Royal Sussex

Wounded or Sick
Henry Thompson Crichton Lieut, RN
Charles Hamblyne R Berks Regt
Arthur Henry Nicholls R Berks Rgt
Albert Wheal S Wales Bords
William Thomas Wooldridge R Berks
Leonard Kirby AS Corps
Gerald Gordon Tichener R Berks
Stephen Shea Capt, Q Vic Rifles
Christopher Regler R Fusiliers
Horace Seymour R Berks Regt
Dick A G Brunsden R Berks Regt
James Clarke R Berks Regt
John Ellis Devon Regt
Donald F P Gray Capt, Canadian Cont
Leonard Harris R Berks Regt
Owen Keeling Lieut, 1st E Anglian Field Coy, RE
William Herbert Watney Lieut, 5th Batt Rifle Brigade (missing)

+Killed in action
Prescott Blackall-Simonds Lieut, S Wales Borderers, Sept 26th 1914
Charles William Hillier Lcp, R Berks Reft, Sept 18th 1914
Edgar Lewis 3rd Batt, E Surrey Regt, July 7th 1915
Alfred Joseph Small R Berks Regt (missing, believed killed)
G P V Scudamore Lieut, Kings Own R Lancs
Rupert Cox 8 R Berks Regt, Sept 25th 1915
William Ernest Cox 8 R Berks Regt, March 18th 1916
Leonard A Cox Lieut, Kings Own Shropshire LI, June 10th 1918
Ernest Green 1 Royal Berks, July 26 1916
Robert Kerwood 2 R Inniskillen Fus, April 27 1918
Albert Little 4 R Berks Regt, Dec 21 1916
Frank Poole King’s Royal Rifles, Dec 12th 1917
G P V Scudamore Lieut, Kings Own R Lancs, May 8th 1915
John A Small 8 Royal Berks, Sept 25th 1915
Harold Williams 8 Batt T Berks Regt, Loos
William Herbert Watney Lieut, 2nd Bat The Rifle Brigade, Aug 11th 1918
Frederick Nicholls Royal West Kents, Oct 8th 1916
Stephen Wickens Lcpl, 2nd Batt R Berks, Sept 25 1917
John Knapp
Leonard George Strange 2nd Batt, Grenadier Guards, Dec 1st 1917

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