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Location:Town Hall
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Description:Framed roll of honour

[Upper Frame]
To the honour of those who fell and in commemoration of their patriotism / their courage / their noble self-sacrifice. //
Albert E Vockins France 1914
Edward Stacey France
Frederick Hollister France

Edgar W Vockins Dardanelles 1915
Fredk C Vockins France, Sickness
Joseph Hunt France
John H Cortis France
Ernest Lambourne At Sea
William J H Horne Dardanelles
William Earle France
Sidney Tubb France
Frederick J North Egypt
Harry Webb France
Ernest A Rosier France
C W Matthews Egypt
Arthur R Smith France
Francis Field France
Albert E Hill (Sickness) 1916
Frederick Rolfe France
Chas Kingston Butler France
Eric Butler France
Arthur Archard France
Francis Williams France
Chas H Mepsted France
Thomas Wilson France
Joseph E Neale Mesopotamia
William N Fishlock France
Maurice H Hissey France
Walter Spiro France
John Preston France
Leonard Raine France
Robert V Weaving France
Henry J Cook France
Ivor Richens France 1917
Stephen Goodall France
Henry R Barns France
Sidney Channon France
Henry Parker Salonika
Walter Jenkins France
Lionel E Lambourne France
Arthur Fairchild France
George Bailey France
Fred C Rayment France
Richard Batchelor France
Albert Cook France
J Plummer
Henry Marchant France
Alfred J Goodman France
Herbert Hawkes France
Harry Wilson France
Francis Ray France
Sidney H Vockins France 1918
Archibald Salt France
Eric Palmer France, Sickness
E Dugdale Astley France
Roy Cowell Townsend England
Herbert Brewer France
Reginald G Dixon France
Francis W Whiting France
Walter F Bushnell France
John New Italy
Charles J Rosier France
Percy Molland France
William Grove At Sea
Frank T Knight France
William C Knight France
William B Bowsher France
Albert Spooner At Sea
W E Affleck Clements France
George Brazener France, Sickness 1919
Charles McCarthy Salonika, Sickness
Ernest Mills Salonika, Sickness
E A Homes
Baron Richens At Sea 1918
Percy G Rosier Sickness 1920
Ernest A Bull Sickness
[Note: C W Matthews & J Plummer squeezed in as if late additions.]

[Lower Frame]
1914 Hungerford and the Great War. To the Honour of those who Served. 1919
Officers & Men / Home Service and / Foreign Service
Andrews E G Pte 204 Field Coy RE
Andrews W H Sapr 275 Coy Ry Troop RE
Allen W F Pte 3rd Royal Irish Rifles
Andrews E T L Corp 3rd Royal Inishkillines
Andrews F Pte 12th Res Battn (Infantry)
Addicott H Sapr 175th Tunnelling Coy
Addicott A U States Naval Forces
Addicott A Pte S Lancashire Regt
Addicott K L S Ft M S “Minotaur”
Andrews Geo Sergt Home Defence Corps
Amor H Sapper Royal Engineers
Alexander D Lc Cpl Worcestershire Reg

Brown O Cpl 7th Ryl West Kent Regt
Brown A A Cpl Desert Mounted Corps
Butler G B Sub Lieut HMS “Shinnisher”
Burge G Gunr 193rd Siege Batty RFA
Broom A K Pte 7th Oxon & Bucks Lt Infantry
Batt A C Pte 141 Field Ambule RAMC
Batt F G Gnr 110 Heavy Baty RGA
Bull C A Pte Officers Mess Bayhill Cmp
Bull W Trpr Cardiff
Buckland W J Driver Ireland
Bushell W J 1st Stkr HMS “Princess Ryl”
Buxcey W H QM Sergt 111th Ry Coy RE
Brewer G Serg Royal Berks
Bushnell S F HMS Air Stat “Tresco”
Bushnell F G Pte 89th Coy AGC
Brown E C Pte Remt Departt ASC
Brewer J Pte 21st Battn M G Corps
Brewer F Driver 12th Coy RE
Buddington F Cpl Berks Yeomanry
Bailey E C Lc Cpl
Beard Eric Trumpeter 76th Brige RHA
Brazener G Pte 168th Labour Coy
Bull F W Pte Red Cross Hospital
Bull C Bandsman
Bignell E C Pte Wilts Regt
Brunsdon C W Pte Dorset Regt
Boshier W Pte Bucks & Berks M G Corps
Barnard F Pte RAF
Bourne F A Stf Serg RFA
Batt W P Pte London Rifle Brigade
Beard Louis QM Sergt Berks Yeomanry
Batchelor C Pte Reserve Battalion
Brooks C Cpl
Brooks L HMS “Monarchy”
Brewer H Pte Royal Engineers
Batt S Pte Stafford Regt
Burmester A C Capt National Reserve

Challis R S Capt 278th P of War Coy
Crame W Sapper 15th Coy RE
Collis G P Pte Home Defence Corps
Clifford E A Pte Royal Garrison Arty
Clifford W Pte Army Ordnance Corps
Cox A W Pte MT ASC
Champ H Pte “Queen’s Own” Oxon Hussars
Champ W Pte Royal Wilts Regt
Cole A Ryl Naval Barracks P’mth
Cole E 1st A M RAF
Clifford L Sergt Ryl Berks Yeomanry
Caswell H
Caswell J Pte 96th Brige RFA
Caswell W H Cpl Hants Regt
Cory Pte 4th Dragoon Guards
Canning A Sergt 779th Batty RFA
Cross A Sergt MT ASC
Collins W Bombr Art Mountn Brige
Church W B Chaplain France
Clifford A Lc Cpl Middlesex Regt
Chapman F Sergt Royal Berks Regt
Chapman A Lc Cpl Wilts Regt
Chapman W Pte Military Police
Chapman Arthur Pte S Wales Border’s
Cook Jesse Pte Grenadier Guards
Cox C T Pte Ryl Veterinary Corps
Clack W Pte Labour Battalion
Challis F Corpl RE
Cole H J W Lc Cpl N Reserve Berks
Clift C Pte Ryl Defence Corps
Coker Ph G Mechanic RNAF
Coleman J Pte Labour Coy
Cannings H Pte RGA
Church H W Sergt RE
Dobson E L Pte 3rd Welsh Rgt
Dixon S Pte Royal Warwicks
Dixon E Lc Cpl Ryl Berks Rgt
Denning R M K Lieut S Stafford Regt
Dance M L Drvr Heavy Batty RGA
Dobson F Pte RE
Deacon J H Pte Hd Quarters 4th Army Cps
Davidson K C Lieut 1st Gordon Highlandrs
Davidson J C Pte Worcester Regt
Dennis M Pte Hants Regt
Dickson W Capt RAMC
Denning J E de W 14th Lancs Fuslrs
Digweed T Pte Royal Berks Reg
Digweed J Pte Royal Berks Reg

Edmonds W H Sapper RE
Edmonds G Sergt RE
Edmonds P Pte Wilts Regt
Edwards W G Pte Wilts Regt
Eatwell E H Pte Royal Berks Reg
Elderfield A Pte French GHA
Eatwell O J Lc Cpl ASC
Evett W J Pte Norfolk Regt

Flippance E J Cpl 1st Hants Regt
Fishlock A C Pte 10th Hussars
Fishlock J A Pte 7th Hussars
Fisher E C Pte Royal Berks Reg
Freeman H Pte RAF
Fairchild S Drvr Ryl Naval Divn
Field P Pte Royal Berks Reg
Field E J Pte Royal Berks Reg
Field A S Pte Wilts Regt
Ferris W Driver 873 ASC
Field A J HMS “Impregnable”
Field R W HMS “Boadicea”
Field Geo HMS “Exmouth”
Franklin A Sapper RE
Fisher E A Lc Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Ford A H Pte 58th Battn M G Corps
Ford W S Pte RAMC
Franklin H W Sapper RE
Field G Pte Gloucester Regt
Franklin C J Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Franks W A Cpl Bucks & Oxon
Fisher T Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Giles P Pte East Yorks Regt
Gibbs W Pte Liverpool Regt
Green C W Pte RGA
Grant E Pte Royal Berks Regt
Giles W H Corpl RGA
Goodman F W Gunr 46th Brigade RFA
Grant G Pte 159th Labour Coy
Grove C A Cpl 84th Brigade RFA
Greenaway H Pte Army Ordnance Cps
Green W Pte RAF
Gibbs J E Pte Somerset Regt
Grace G Pte Grenadier Guards
Grace W J Pte Wilts Regt
Grace A E Pte Hants Regt
Gosling S T Pte 12th Battn M G Corps
Gregory Dick Sergt C Battn M G Corps
Gunter W G Sapr 120th Coy RE
Golding W F Pte Wilts Regt
Gingell E S Pte RAMC
Gresham L S Sergt Ryl Defence Corps
Giles T A Pte RE
Goodall F Pte 14th Corps G Hd Q
Godwin G E Pte Royal Berks Regt
Grant E Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Gibbs J T Sapper RE
Gregory H J Pte Natl Reserve Berks
Giles H J Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Gibbs C A Sergt Ryl Berks Regt
Gardiner P Bombr RFA
Godwin W H Pte RAVC
Hance R F HMS “Princess Royal”
Hooper A Pte RE
Huntley T G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Howe F Lc Cpl 7th Queen’s Regt
Heather A E Rifleman 8th London Regt
Huntley A G Sergt Worcester Regt
Huntley T W Pte Berks Yeomanry
Huntley W Pte 1st Worcestershire R
Harding D G E R A HMS “Landrail”
Hunt J Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Hunt E Pte Hants Regt
Heather A Pte London Rifles P Office
Holliday C Driver RFA
Hewett W G Sergt Army Ordnance Corps
Hawkes H S Q’M S 10th Hussars
Hance A Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Harrison L Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Hunt R A Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Holloway A W HMS “Leviathan”
Holmes C Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Holmes T Gunr 12th Battn Tank Corps
Hissey N Shoeing Smith RFA
Hissey J Gunr 14th Battn Tank Corps
Haines W Pte 140th Field Ambulance
Hart F R Gunr 50th Siege Batty RGA
Hunter J Pte 17th Cyclist Battalion
Hutt C Sergt Ryl Berks Yeomany
Hepplethwaite J W Pte Devonshire Regt
Houston J Pte 17th Cyclist Battn
Hobbs A H Sergt RAF
Hoare F Pte D of Cornwall’s Lt Infantry
Hamblin A E HMS Morningstar
Huntley J Pte National Reserve Berks
Hoare J Pte National Reserve Berks
Hawkins E J Berks Yeomanry
Jenkins A G Rifleman Royal Irish
Jessett F Baker RE
Jessett F Sapper 259th Ry Coy RE
Jessett P G Pte M G Corps
Jessett F J Pte MT ASC
Jenkins W J Pte National Reserve Berks
Jenkins W L Gunner RFA
Johnson W H Sergt RGA
Jessett T G Pte Nationl Reserve Berks

King R Pte Ryl Berks Regt
King A Pte Ryl Berks Regt
King S Pte Royal Warwicks
Knight J Pte Wilts Regt
Kingstone S R Pte Ryl West Surrey
Kingstone H C Bndsmn Wilts Regt
Knight W C Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Knight F Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Kempster G Pte ASC
Kempster W Pte ASC

Levy S J Sergt MT ASC
Levy F Pte Hants Regt
Locelock C J Riflemn Hants Regt
Lambourne T Sc Cpl 1st King Edward’s Horse
Lambourne W J Sig ?? Squadn Cavalry Corps
Lawrence C H P O HMS “Renown”
Ludlow R G Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Lambourne A H Pte Dorset Regt
Lewington W Cpl 800th Coy ASC
Lambourne G Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Lambourne Fk Gunner RGA
Lovelock W Pte MT ASC
Lindsay G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Lye Geo Saddler Manchester Regt
Leach H B Pte MT ASC
Leach C M Lc Cpl RAMC
Leach C W Driver ASC
Leach A Drumr Ryl Berks Regt
Love F E Cooper Natnl Reserve Berks
Lewington A E Pte ASC
Lambourne Wm J S S M 10th Hussars
Moss F Pte ASC
Mapson R V Gunr HMS “Princess Royal”
Mapson S Cpl Wilts Regt
Munford E W Spr RE
Miller A F Signalr Royal Garrison
Moody T Pte Ryl West Kent Regt
Mead W Pte Royal Warwicks
Mead S Pte Royal Berks Regt
Masford F Pte RE
Martin H Driver RFA
Macklin G F Pte MT ASC
Martin L E Machine Gun Corps
Martin H E Gunr 55th Battery RFA
Mildenhall T Sapper RE
McCarthy C Pte RAMC
Mason F Gunr Siege Batty RFA
McMullen J Driver MT ASC
McMullen R H Lieut Hants Regt
Marchant W G Driver Machine G Corps
Morse T R Major RAMC
Munday C Pte 162nd Labour Battn
Miles A Stoker HMS “King George”
May W T Driver RFA
Miles Augustus Cpl RGA
Middleton A Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Mayne A E Cpl Army Pay Corps
Marshall G Pte RAF
Mundy F Pte Ryl Berks Regt
McEvoy C A Lieut RNVR
Mills D S Pte Somerset Regt
Miles Arthur Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Mapson A Pte W Somerset Yeomanry
Martin S E Pte Berks Yeomanry
Martin A G Gunr 3rd Reserve Brigade
Munday H Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Mills E T Pte Army Veterinary Corps
Mills A E Pte MT ASC
Maddock W J Warrant Officer RFA
Neale G Cpl MT ASC
New E Sergt Berks Yeomanry
North A W Lc Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Nash A B Pte Ryl Berks Regt
New J Cpl Royal Berks Regt
Neale R E Cpl RAF
New P Pte Berks Yeomanry
New C Sergt Worcester Regt
Newberry R L Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Naters C C T Chaplain France
Oland J Pte Cheshire Regt
Oram W Gunner RGA

Pike H C Pte Machine Gun Corps
Pike F C Bandsman Mache G Corps
Ponting J Pte RAMC
Pounds J M Wheeler ASC
Pounds F Cpl The London Regt
Phelps H Sergt Army Ordne Corps
Phelps L Pte Ryl Inniskillin Fuslrs
Payne A E Pte Essex Regt
Pike J Pte Wilts Regt
Phillips L J Sapper RE
Pike J Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Portal C F A Lt Col DSO MC
Portal J L P Major DSO
Portal R H P Lieut DSO RN
Portal H V E Lieut RFA
Pizzey F J Pte RE
Preston W T Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Pike C Pte Wilts Regt
Pike W Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Piper A W 2nd Lieut Worcester Regt
Parsons A J M Pte RAF
Powell F Pte 1st Cavalry Division
Pound W G Pte 169 Labour Battn
Pocock G A Major Lewis Gun Sch France
Platt G E Sergt Natnl Reserve Berks
Plummer J Pte Notts & Derby
Purdue N Sergt Ryl Berks Regt
Pike A Pte Royal Wilts Regt
Parson A M Pte RAF
Peart F W Pte RE
Parsons L W Driver ASC
Payne C Lc Cpl
Rodaway F C HMS “Calliope”
Richens D O Sergt RAF
Rosier V Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Rosier R J Pte Telephone Exchange
Ralph T W Pte HMS “Glory”
Rosier W Pte 6th Cavalry Brigade
Rosier P E Driver RFA
Rosier S H Pte Machine Gun Corps
Rosier C H Pte Wilts Regt
Rosier A E Cpl Royal Berks Regt
Razey R T Rifleman Post Office Corps
Rogers A Cpl 21st Div MT ASC
Rosier P G Gunner RGA
Rosier H J Cpl MT ASC
Ryder J H Pte Hd Quarters Exy Force
Riches T Pte Wilts Regt
Richens R G Spr 32nd Div Signalg Coy
Razey W J Rifleman Post Office Corps
Rolfe A Sergt RGA
Rosier F H Pte RAF
Ryman A L Lc Cpl Ryl Sussex Regt
Ricks T Pte Wilts Regt
Richens J O Capt
Ray F Trpr 1st Life Guards

Stockwell G Pte 2nd Life Guards
Stephens J Pte Berks Yeomanry
Stephens W H Pte Machine Gun Corps
Saunders R Gunner RFA
Stanbrook W J Pte 53rd Infantry Brige
Stanbrook C Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Smith A Pte Royal Berks Regt
Strong W G Pte RGA
Sopp R M Baker ASC
Shepherd G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Stacey Ed Driver RFA
Smallbones J Mechanic RAF
Seal W G Pte Army O Corps
Smith M M Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Smith W G Pte RAF
Scarlett W Pte Machine Gun Corps
Stubbs E H Pte ASC
Shail W Rifleman King’s Ryl Rifles
Stacey J Gunner RFA
Savory C H Pte Machine Gun Corps
Savory F G Driver West Riding Regt
Savory T Lc Cpl Royal Suffolks
Sawyer W J Pte MT ASC
Sawyer V Cpl RE
Sanwell Bombr Royal Artillery
Smith A T Pte Royal Fusiliers
Smith A F Pte Devon Regt
Smith E A Driver RFA
Smith F J Driver ASC
Smith A Pte Royal Berks Regt
Scarlett A Farrier RAMC
Scarlett G Pte 152 Labour Battn
Scarlett T F Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Sperring W F R O D RE
Sturgess W J Sergt MT ASC
Smith R Pte Natl Reserve Berks
Stares E Pte Natl Reserve Berks
Smith J Pte Natl Reserve Berks
Sturgess O Sapper RE
Stacey M T HMS “Argonaut”
Spooner A RN
Tuttle A Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Taylor H Sergt RGA
Tidbury C L Sapper RE
Taylor C T Driver RE
Taylor H S Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Tupp C Mechanic RAF
Turner T Pte 174th Labour Coy
Tidbury F Gunr Machine Gun Corps
Tidbury Alf Pte Machine Gun Corps
Tubb A B Sergt RAMC
Tallyn W R Farrier ASC
Thorne W Wheeler ASC
Townshend E C Pte Natl Reserve Berks

Underwood G Pte Dorset Regt
Van de Weyer B G Major Scot’s Guards
Vockins A E Pte Wilts Regt
Vockins A Mechanic RAF
Vyall H Pte Devon Regt
Vockins S Lc Cpl London Regt
Vivash G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Waters F G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Walters S Pte Veterinary Corps
Withers W J P O HMS “Venerable”
Withers W G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Withers W H Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Whiting E G Pte 158th Labour Battn
Whiting P T Pte Royal Warwicks
Whiting V Pte Royal Warwicks
White A Lc Cpl Royal Berks Regt
Wiggins A J Pte Cheshire Regt
Wells F Pte Machine Guards Corps
Winchcombe W Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Wigglesworth H L L A W RAF
Wells A J Sapper RE
Wilmott S T Bommr RGA
Wilmott H G Cpl Tank Corps
Wilmott D Cpl Ryl Gloucester Husrs
Wlimott W Sergt R Defence C
Winsor F Pte Labour Battn
Williams W Pte Wilts Regt
Walter G Pte Royal Warwicks
Wilder W Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Winkworth W Driver ASC
Winkworth H Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Winkworth E Pte Welsh Guards
Worsdell A C Lc Cpl Wilts Regt
Worsdell G Pte MT ASC
Wooldridge F J Driver RFA
Withall W B Lc Cpl 167 Labour Coy
Wiggins F Pte Ryl Berks Regt
White E J Sapper Signalg Coy RE
Wyatt A G Cpl RE Signals
Wiltshire G H Cpl Ryl Berks Regt
Wells G A Sergt Natl Reserve Berks
Williams S H Pte Gloucester Regt
Walker Pte Berks Yeomanry
Winchcombe A Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Yates G Pte Ryl Berks Regt
Yarker L Corpl RGA
[Lower section of lower frame - medical personnel]
Miss Bayliss BEF
Miss M Hissey Sister CCS BEF
Miss G Jacob
Miss M Platt BEF
Miss G Platt BEF
Miss S Richens
Miss M Sawbridge
Miss A Sawbridge
V A Detachment No 42 Berks
Mrs Adnams
Miss O Adnams
Miss M Adnams
Mrs S W Allright
Miss E Annetts
Miss B Astley
Miss E Beard
Mrs Basher
Miss Baylis
Miss E Butler
Mrs Bingham
Miss Bleeck
Miss F Brown
Mrs Burmester
Miss Cooper
Miss Crees
Miss Ettwall
Miss Hissey
Miss de Wend Fenton
Mrs Gray
Mrs Groves
Miss Greer
Miss Gore
Mrs Gore
Miss Isherwood
Miss F Isherwood
Mrs Jacob
Mrs Blake James
Miss E Low
Miss Morse
Mrs McDade
Miss Newhook
Miss W Platt
Miss M Platt
Miss E Richens
Mrs Starkey Smith
Mrs Slade
Mrs Seddon
Mrs Taylor
Miss Van de Weyer
Miss E Van de Weyer
Miss Wilmshurst
Miss M WIlles
Miss A Willes
Mrs Wigglesworth
Mrs Cookson
Miss Wooldridge Commandant
Rev T S Gray Chaplain
Dr R Blake James
Dr T G Starkey Smith
R J Robinson
W Strickland
J Whiscombe
G Willis
Mr H J Bushnell Netley
Mr A Macklin Netley
No 9 Berks
A G Bartholomew
H Crossley
S Jessett
R D Newhook
Bow down Old Land at the Altar steps of God
Thank him for Peace, thank him for Victory
But thank him chiefly that thy feet have trod
The Path of Honour in the Agony

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 Died this day:
22 June 1919
H W Howe

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