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Location:Junction of A338 and road to Woolley Park
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Description:Stone cross
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To the dear memory of / Philip Musgrave Neeld / Wroughton / of Woolley Park / Major Berks Yeomanry / Born August 30th 1887 / Killed in action at Gaza Palestine / April 19th 1917, Aged 29
He whom this cross commemorates / was numbered among those who at the call of King and Country left / all that was dear to them, enduring hardness faced danger and finally / passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self sacrifice / giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom / let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.
Also in grateful memory / of all those in the Berks / Yeomanry who gave their / lives for their country / 1914-1918

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Wroughton Memorial Cross – Unveiling, June 1925.

North Wilts Herald - Friday 05 June 1925


A Gallant Gentleman

Memorial to the Late Major Wroughton

Unveiling Ceremony


“You have answered, dear loved ones, the call of the brave,

And somewhere you rest in a hero’s grave;

What more, or what better, could any man give,

Than his life for his country, that others might live?


The words vividly re-call the noble deaths of millions of heroes of the Great War, and to one of these gallant men there now stands on the historical Berkshire Downs—amidst rugged surroundings on high ground between Wantage and Newbury—a permanent cross to the memory of the late Major Philip Musgrave Neeld Wroughton, of Woolley Park. He gave his life, which promised to be one of useful activity, in the service of his country on April 19th, 1917, while instantly leading his men in Gaza, Palestine. Endeared in the neighbouring villages to people of all creeds and parties who bad known him from his infancy, it was to small wonder that a large crowd gathered together for the unveiling and dedication service on Sunday afternoon.


After the Bev. Alfred Bevan (Fawley) had read the prayers and a lesson, the company sang the hymn "Ten thousand times ten thousand." The surpliced choir of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Fawley. led the singing. Gen. Rennie, CMG, DSO, then unveiled the memorial, on the upper panel of which is inscribed the words:


"To the dear memory of Philip Musgrave Neeld Wroughton, of Woolley Park, Major, Berkshire Yeomanry, born August 30th, 1887, killed in action at Gaza, Palestine, April 19th, 1917, aged 29."


An Indelible Impression.


Sir Frederick Carden followed with an address, in which he said :


As we stand together at the foot of this cross to-day, we are all inspired, 1 know, by the same thoughts. We are thinking not only of him whose name is engraved on this cross, but also of those dear ones in our own family circles who, like him and like our Lord Himself, made the supreme sacrifice.


And this cross is not only a standing manorial of Philip Wroughton; it is also a reminder to all of us who pass by of the great debt we owe to all those who, like him, gave their lives for us in the Great War. I always feel proud and profoundly thankful that I was privileged to know Philip Wroughton so well. His life and the manner of his have made an indelible impression on my death, like that of my own dear brother, mind, and helped to make a better man of me than I would otherwise have been. And though still utterly unworthy, I long for all my friends, and their friends, and every one of you to profit by the noble example bequeathed to us by those who died for their country, and I honour all these living to-day who, in spite of the difficulties of the present times, and in face of all the temptations offered to you, still follow the path of duty like true soldiers, and give of your best for your country. They died that we might live, and therefore our lives should be lived as they would have wished—for others. And if only we would dedicate our lives more to the service and happiness others, so we would gain more happiness for ourselves and some consolation in our tears.


Let us ever bear in mind the beautiful words engraved on this cross—on the one side, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"— and on the other the King's message which he sent to the nearest relation of each soldier who died for his country - “He whom this cross commemorates was numbered among those who at the call of King and country left all that was dear to them, endured hardship, faced danger and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom - " Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.”


In conclusion let me adjure you to cherish the memories of all those brave men. Keep this memorial cross ever in reverence and love, and see to it that it is never desecrated by any act of carelessness, or thoughtlessness. Treasure It as your own for their sakes, for it is a symbol of our veneration, and such it will remain here—a monument—for all time, to inspire us and our descendants to ,nobler and greater efforts for the betterment of our country and of our Empire and for the peace of the world."


The hymn, "The radiant morn hath passed away," was then sung, followed by the Blessing and the National Anthem.


A Representative Company.


Among the large assembly were Mrs. Wroughton, Miss Wroughton, Miss Violet Wroughton, General Rennie, CMG, DSO., the Rev. H. L. and Mrs. Fuzley (Woolley), Miss Evelyn Rennie, Miss Angela Rennie, Miss Diana Robins, Major Sir Frederick Carden, Lady Carden, Miss Enid Carden, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dunn, Mr. E. Lane, Major T. Ivey, Major and Mrs. Tyndale, Mrs. and Miss B Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Slade, Mr. E. Robson, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Candy, Dr. A. Cyril and Mrs. Burt, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dandridge, Mrs. C. Ivey, Mrs. Finnis, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. S. Wilson, Dr. R. B. and Mrs. Abraham, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wells, Major Sneyd, Miss Howard and Miss B. Howard, Miss Medley, Mrs. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Appleby, Mr. and Mrs. R. Holland, Mrs. J. W. Kent, Mr. J. N. Arbery, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nichols, Supt. Halfacre, Miss Tosland, Mr. and Mrs. H. Shuff, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. A. Kent, Mrs. Wigmore, Mrs. F. Wigmore, Mrs. George, Miss Lewis, Mrs. D. Lovegrove, Mr. and Mrs. W. Massey, Mr. A. Stroud, Mr. and Mrs. D. Stroud, Mr. H. Barlow, Miss Mosdell, Mrs. E. C. Rowland and Mrs. Adey.


The following officers and men of the Berk. Yeomanry who served under Major Wroughton were present: Capt. A. M. Budgett (East Hanney) and Messrs. Henry Hart, D.C.M. (Lockinge), L. Thomas, D.C.M., P. Wigmore, F. J. Haynes, R. Telling, A. W. Lowe, S. Pittaway, and F. Cross (Wantage), J. Woods (Grove), L. Barrett and Guy Smith (West Hanney), Alan Wiggins (Childrey), W. J. Pryor (Harwell), Bracey (Lambourn), G. F. Wells (Brightwalton), W. Lewthwaite (Didcot) and Ford. The Chaddleworth Wolf Cubs (under Scoutmaster E. C. Rowland) also attended.


The massive Latin cross of Portland stone is a copy of the cross in Chaddleworth Churchyard. It stands 16ft. 6in. high and weighs about 12 tons.


All Loved Him.


A brother officer, writing at the time of Major Wroughton's death, said: "Not only his own regiment, but the whole Brigade, will miss him more than they would any other officer in the Brigade. He was gallantly leading his squadron on the 19th in a dismounted attack when he was killed by shrapnel fire. My own squadron was next to his and he was close to me. I did not actually see him hit, but some of my men shouted that he was down, and my trumpeter, who was quite near him, told me he was shot through the bead. Although he never liked soldiering, he a born soldier and leader of Yeomen. They all loved him. He was ideal Yeomanry officer – the  English country gentleman who disliked the war intensely, bet made every sacrifice to help finish it, and died like the very gallant gentleman be was, fighting at the head of his squadron."

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