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Location:Bridge St
OS Map Ref:SU820740
Description:Stone column

´╗┐In humble gratitude / to Almighty God / who granted us / victory / and in loving memory / of the men of this / town who fell / in the Great Wards / 1914-1919 & 1939-1945
Pte A H Archard
Capt E D D'O Astley
Pte G Bailey
Pte H R Barns
Pte R Batchelor
Pte W B Bowsher
Pte G Brazener
Pte H Brewer
Stoker (RN) E A Bull
Sgt W T Bushnell
Capt C K Butler
Lt E Butler
Pte S G Channon
Pte W E A Clements
Lt R Cowell-Townshend
Pte H J Cook
Pte A Cook
Lt J H Cortis
Pte R G Dixon
Cpl W H Earl
Pte A H Fairchild
Pte F Field
Gnr W N Fishlock
Gnr A J Goodman
Pte S Goodall
Stoker (RN) W Grove
Cpl H A Hawkes
Pte A E Hill
Capt M H Hissey
Pte E A Holmes
Cpl L F Hollister
Sgt W J H Horne
Pte J Hunt
Pte W Jenkins
Pte F T Knight
Pte W C Knight
A B E H Lambourne
Pte L E Lambourne
Pte H Marchant
Tpr C W Mathews
Pte C McCarthy
-Sgt C W Mepsted
Pte E F Mills
Spr P Molland
Pte J E Neale
Pte J New
Tpr F J North
Pte E Palmer
Pte H Parker
Pte J Plummer
Rfn J Preston
Lt L Raine
Tpr F H Ray
Pte F C Rayment
Lt R I Richens
Sig (RN) P B Richens
Sgt F Rolfe
Pte E A Rosier
Gnr C J Rosier
Gnr P G Rosier
Pte A N J Salt
Pte A R Smith
Rfn W P J Spiro
Gnr A Spooner
Pte E J Stacey
Pte S Tubb
Pte A E Vockins
Pte E W Vockins
Pte F C Vockins
Cpl S Vockins
Sgt R V Weaving
Cpl H Webb
Pte F W Whiting
Pte F Williams
Pte T Wilson
Pte H Wilson
J F Alexander WO Pilot RAF
W T Alsbury WO RAF
D H Amor Pte
R W Cook Pte
E J Cottrell Cpl
R A Crook Pte
R R Dixon Pte
W G Edwards Pte
V W Evans Sgt
R M Gibbs Marine Commando
J Henderson Sgt
V M J Huntley Cpl
F H Liddiard Pte
C E Mayne Sgt RAF
A R Morgan F/Sgt RAF
G F McKeand Guardsman
A R G North Pte
A C Pike Marine Pte
T Pike A B
D J C Pinckney F/Lt
P H Pinckney Captain
F W Rogers Pilot Officer RAF
F H C Rosier Pte
L A Shears Cpl
L G Street A B
F H J Tucker Pte
D M Vyall Stoker
A D Walter Pte

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 Died this day:
03 December 1918
W R A Dawson
Cold Ash

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