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Location:St Nicolas' Church
OS Map Ref:SU470670
Description:Framed scroll

[On frame] Their name liveth for evermore
Remember / before God / the men of / this Parish / who gave / their lives / in the / Great War / 1914-1918
W J Aldridge
A J Aldridge
F L Allen
A Bance
W H C Barber
F R Beckley
B H Belcher
J Bellinger
W C Bellinger
H B Biddis
F A Bllod
F J Bosley
H E Breach
F G Breach
S J Brooks
E W Brooks
C A Buck
E Buckell
P E Buckingham
N G Burgess
A G Busby
J A Buxey
A E Canning
C Casey
W Casey
H Charlton
F W Clarke
E E Cooper
A Corderoy
A Cox
L A Cramp
W Crook
A E Crosswell
A H Davis
A Deacon
E H Deacon
S N Doggett
R F Drewell
G Eaton
W H Ellaway
R Ferris
E Fisher
H P Ford
A W Freeman
W J Freemantle
A J Geater
S N G Giddings
I H G Gilbert
J W C Gough
W G Gregory
J Grigg
G Hacker
F G Harrison
C W Harvey
J G Hayes
F G Hayward
G H Herbert
W J Himmons
S G Hodges
J A Hopson
H W Howe
S I Hughes
S W Jones
W J Jones
P A Kemp
W H Lake
F J Lake
H Lawes
F Lawrence
W Lawrence
G A Leather
M R B Liddle
F Lipscombe
W J Manley
H K Marshall
A E Marshall
R C Mason
W G Mason
C Mundy
A Musselwhite
A Nailor
F Newport
C T Kemp Newton
J W Owen
J T Owen
W H W Palmer
K Pearson
T H H Perring
F Pibworth
W J Piddington
E B Pounds
F W Powers
F J Preston
W J Quintin
E F Rivers
F E B Hulton-Sams
E G Savage
J Seymour
H S Slade
G Smart
W S Smith
R Smith
B W Smith
G H Smith
J H Smith
E A Smith
G F Stevens
A W Stevens
T A Stillman
P R Styles
J R Swatton
G N B Swinley
F W Tancock
R G Taylor
A E Thomas
A Tumblety
B O Vockins
P J Webb
E Westall
C Whitehorn
S G Wilkes
B Williams
H N Winter
A G Whyllie

May their souls rest in peace

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 Died this day:
22 October 1914
Charles Pike
Hampstead Norreys

British Legion

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