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Location:Village green
OS Map Ref:SU438765
Description:Stone obelisk

South face:
To the noble dead
Beckett E J Private
Beckett J “
Blundy H “
Fisher G “
Glass E “
Janaway R Sergt
Mason A L cpl
Newman A Pte
Neighbour A W “
Neighbour F J L Cpl
Pound J Private
Pound H “
Pounds E “
Portlock F J “
Pocock E “
Rosier O “
Smith W “

Pass not this stone in sorrow, but in pride.
And may you live as nobly as they died.

West face:
to commemorate
Great War
August 1941 to November 1919

North Face:
These also served
Atkins W Pte
Atkins C Pte
Bacon H Pte
Baxter F Cpl
Beckett T Pte
Blundy T Pte
Blundy F Pte
Deacon H L Cpl
Dobson J Pte
Fidler F Pte
Fisher W Staff Sgt
Fisher A Pte
Fisher J Pte
Fisher H Pte
Fisher K L Cpl
Fitzgerald T Pte
Ford W Sergt
Ford A Pte
Ford P Pte
Ford E J Pte
Ford C Cpl
Glass V Cpl
Glass A Pte
Glass W Pte
Greenaway J Pte
Greenaway F Pte
Greenaway M Pte
Hazell R Pte
Huntley E J Cpl
Hurrell W Major
Hurrell J 2nd Lt
Lewingdon A Pte
Mason C L Cpl
Marriner W H Cpl
Matthews A Pte
Matthews E J Pte
Neal L Pte
Neighbour A J L Cpl
Parker E Cpl
Pearson J C C F
Pound G Pte
Pound R Pte
Pocock H Pte
Pocock V Pte
Portlock E Pte
Pofflley A Cpl
Rosier E P Pte
Sibley F C Sergt
Shepard W Cpl
Sprules A Pte
Smith P Pte
Smith H H Pte
Taylor A Pte
Taylor W Pte
Thomas W Pte
Thomas D Cpl
Thomas L Col, DCM
Thomas C Pte
Thomas H Pte
Thomas C W Stoker
Vickers W QMSergt
Vickers H Pte
Vickers W Pte
Vickers G Pte
Wakefield A C W Pte
Wakefield H Pte
Wakefield W B Pte
Wakefield E P Pte
Wakefield E G Pte
Wakefield T W Pte
Wakefield A O Pte
Woodford A Pte

South foot:
These gave their lives
J Blundy A B
E D Rosier Pte

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 Died this day:
03 December 1943
J E T Munn

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