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Location:St Mary's Church
OS Map Ref:SU553709
Description:Marble plaque on interior wall

To the Glory of God / and in Proud memory of the Men / Bucklebury / who fell in the Great War / 1914-1919
Arnold A Pte N F
Bailey A J Gr 1 R B
Burt W J Pte 5 R B
Butcher J Pte R B
Carter W Pte 5 R B
Carter F Pte 2 R B
Collins T Pte A S C
Chamberlain O C Pte 8 R B
Cox W Pte 2 R B
Fawsett W Pte
Green J Pte 2 R B
Gower H Pte 5 R B
Green R Pte 2 R B
Hazell H Agric Co
Ker Colonel R A M C
Lay G Pte 1 R B
Marshall J Br R G A
Marshall A P R B
Marshall J Pte 1 R B
Matthews W Pte 1 R B
Morton A J Pte 5 R B
Morgan J Capt Y R
Nailor M Pte 1 R B
Pusey S Pte R B
Sharp F Pte B & O L I
Stephenson R R D F
Tull S Pte 2 R B
Tull A Pte Glosr
Vallis F Lab Co
Wallin W E Sap 1 R B
Wigmore A Gr R G A
Wigmore W Cavry
Woodage T R B
“Let those who are left behind see to it / that their names are not forgotten.”

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