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Location:Junction of Union Rd and Southend Rd
OS Map Ref:SU600712
Description:Concrete cross, stone tablets
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Plaque 1 (South face, upper plaque)
Chas A Henderson Harwood J 32472 1st Class Boy-seaman went down on
HMS Queen Mary Battle of Jutland May 31 1916
Frank Tigwell Boy went down on HMS Black Prince Battle of Jutland
Percy Rumble 15559 Sergt MM Died Dec 12 1919 1st Military Hospl Reading
Chas W Hillier 7604 Lance-Corpl Killed Sep 19 1914 Le Metz Ferme France
Stephen Wickens 9912 Lance-Corpl Killed Sep 25 1917 at Loos
Ernest Braybrooke 25067 Died Dec 13 1916 1st Genl Hospl France
Edwd Ernest Bushell 500155 Died Nov 22 1916 Military Hospl Farnham
Rupert Cox 13200 Killed Sep 25 1915 Battle of Loos
Wm Ernest Cox 18560 Killed Mar 18 1916 Battle of Loos
Frank Cox 3130 Died Nov 10 1918 Clipstone Camp Nottingham
Ernest Green 17042 Killed July 26 1916 Somewhere in France
Archie Hurst 12819 Died of wounds Aug 12 1914 Casualty Clearg Statn 32 France
Albert Little 20250 Killed Dec 21 1916 on the River Somme
Wm Edwd Millson 20250 Killed May 29 1918 at Flavy le Martel
Alf Joseph Small 10153 Killed Mar 10 1918 Neuve Chapelle
Harold Williams 15540 Killed Sep 25 1915 Battle of Loos
Stanley J Patey Killed July 3 1916 at Ovilliers France
William T Small Died Nov 30 1921 from effects of poinson gas
Plaque 2 (South face, lower plaque)
EDw. J. Johnson. Stoker 1st Class HMS Jaguar, RN
P.J.C. Radford-Norcop Captain 3rd Battn Grenadier Guards L. K. Lowsley 2nd Lieut 4th Battn Royal Berks
A.R.Hannington Private K O S L I
S.A.Willoughby Flying Officer RAF
Plaque 3 (east face)
Edwin Joseph Wilde Lieut Leicestershire Regt.
Killed Sep 1 1918 Bapaume France
G Prescott Blackall-Simonds Lieut S W Borderers
Killed Sep 26 1914 Vendresse
G P M Scudamore 2nd Lieut KOR Lancs
Killed May 5 1915 Ypres
R C R Scudamore 112560 RASC Driver MT
Died March 28 1920 Banstead Hospl London
Henry Jos Strange 17218 Lance-Corpl Worcesters
Died Oct 3 1918 Mesopotamia buried Kasrin Persia
Leond Geo Strange 24096 Grenadier Grds
Killed Dec 1 1917 Cambrai
Edgar Lewis 11074 E Surrey
Killed July 7 1915 Kemmel
Frank Poole 14423 Ks Royal Rifles
Killed Dec 12 1917 Belgium
Wm Ar Phillips 21617 11th Corps Cyclist Bn
Killed May 23 1918 Aire
Albt Vic Titchener 38743 Gunner RGA
Died of wounds Sep 17 1918 Bergues
Wilfred Wilson 25233 Dorsets
Killed Aug 11 1918 Cambrai
Harold Ernest Brooks Coldstream Grds
Killed Nov 30 1917 Gouzeaucourt France
Edwin Hall 18552 Gunner RFA, Battery A66
Kiled Feb 25 1917 at Baghdad

Plaque 4 (North? Face)
The glory of
Honoured Memory of our
Beloved Dead
This Cross was set up by the people
After the War of 1914-18
Plaque 5 (west face)
Wm Tinney Stevens Lieut Leicestershire Regt
Died July 17 1922 Grays Inn London
Wm Herbert Watney Lieut Rifle Brigade
Killed May 9 1915 Aubers Ridge
Leonard Albt Cox 2 Lieut Ks Own Shrops L I
Killed June 10 1918 Lens
Val Rowe 1009 Sergt Teleg-Signal Cps
Died Oct 12 1918 Bloemfontein S A
Reuben Western 6188 Lance-Corpl Mil Ft Police
Died Oct 28 1918 Italy
Geo Cripps 17084 Lance-Corpl RASC Died July 2 1919
1st Military Hospital Reading
Chs Hunt 66604 RAMC Killed Nov 2 1916
Guillemont on the Somme
C J Knapp 43142 Hants
Died March 19 1919 1st Military Hospl Reading
Fredk Nickless 94271 Royal West Kent
Missing France Oct 8 1916
John Nickless 47849 RAF 2d A/M Died Fen 11 1919
44 CCS Germany
Robt Kerwood 45097 R Inniskilling Fus
Killed April 27 1918 Kemmel Hill
George Mooney Rifle Brigade

Ernest Bendall 12th Battn Devonshire Regt
Died of wounds July 30 1916

What the papers said:

Untitled Document

Bradfield War Memorial – Dedication Service, June 1922.

Newbury Weekly News, 22 June 1922


War Memorial

A handsome cross, 28 ft high, has been erected as the village war memorial. The site is at the cross roads opposite Copyhold-farm, where it will be a conspicuous monument. Sunken panels on the base contain the names of the fallen men. On the sword [sic] is a careful reproduction, somewhat enlarged, of a sword of the 12th century (time of the Third and Fourth crusades), which was found a few years ago in a peat pit at Northcroft Lane, Newbury. This sword is now in the Armoury of the Tower of London, being the only sword of that period in the collection. Very few examples of swords of that date are known to exist, and it is interesting to know that this very sword which has been copied for this village war memorial, found only a few miles away, may have been used in the Holy Land by an unknown Berkshireman Crusader some 800 years ago. The sword on the cross was forged in the village smithy at Bradfield. The unveiling was performed by Major-General Dickson and two little children, Muriel Hunt and William Little, whose fathers were among those commemorated, placed wreaths at the base of the memorial. The Vicar (Rev T W Gilbert) dedicated the cross, and the Rev T Sands (Primitive Methodist minister) took part in the service.

Untitled Document Poppy wreath

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08 December 1914
J Seymour

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